Sunday 2 June 2013

Wait Until Dark

Our dreams float dimly illumined like stars, like folded fireflies, like lighthouse beams. Step after blind step we trail after the light at the end of the tunnel following the whiff of warm trains wafting along on wintry nights. Our soft ambitions lull us into these twilight dreams that lie with us through haze and drifting sleep. Do we want to reach the end of the tunnel, or catch that train, or touch that shore? Would we not rather lose ourselves in embers than play with fire? The light on that other dreamy end would blind us. The candles we light are neither for burning nor for heat. The torches we light are for others to find the way. Our own light would blind us, so we look away. Dreams should remain dreams that flit in and out of drifting sleep. So dream away, sons and daughters of my own homespun cloth. Let not the sun wake you, it is but noon yet. 


  1. Yeah,sometimes,I'd rather lose myself in the embers...because they're prettier than reality.

    Also,I'm in love with the idea of your blog.
    Yellow pepper all the way!:)

  2. "The candles we light are neither for burning nor for heat." Beautiful.
    After a very bad and disillusioning day, this post is so comforting.
    I dont know if it is meant to comfort or disturb but reading it today, it feels like a lullaby.