Saturday 6 April 2013

Punching the Clock

6th April

3.34 am

Feathers lifted lightly off our bed and drifted out the velvet window.

2.23 pm

A light draught unsettles the trailing sheet. Revealing a pair of unpainted feet. 

2.38 pm

Faint trill of a yellow bird. Maybe red. Maybe blue. I wouldn't know..and dreams breathe heavily again.

2.54 pm

Interpreting there another way?

Vasily Kandinsky

b. 1866, Moscow, Russia; d. 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France 

“We are still firmly bound to the outward appearance of nature and must draw forms from it” 

3.27 pm 

Always miss the clock ticking in the middle of the day. But there it is now.

3.35 pm

Resting my chin on my knees. Staring at the floor between my feet. Occasionally wriggling my toes. But of course.

3.44 pm

Do tongues keep growing?

The human tongue stops growing when you do. The age is slightly different for everyone." As an afterthought, "there are exercises to make it longer."

See? I don't need you to answer my questions.


Have I stopped growing?


I do. Who am I kidding?

3.54 pm

Curtains flutter. Houyhnhnms trot in through the open door. And drag me away.

4.28 pm

Houyhnhnms tamed for the time being. I come riding back. Trumpets. Horns. The whole show. 

Oh there you are.

7th April

12.07 am

Hanging off cliffs again. Rescued by a star. Frenzied flutter of paper and floods of ink. A nib through my collar and I'm set ashore. Been a long day. Time to lie awake again. Are we afraid of the dark?

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