Tuesday 9 April 2013

Through the Looking Glass

Half way through torn flesh and bone
I have bitten back the name
That flows so quick from your lips
Smooth as water over pebbles
Effortless as summertime game

Yellow clusters gnash at each other on the windowsill
Mute, terrified faces point to my shoulder
Pincers flick lazily as I turn
We are indifferent now
The expected pause has reached a full halt

Rough cloth against glass
And yet the smudges stay
Try resting it on your nose
At least a part of me will still be yours
To have or simply watch

I trace streams, form pools
Off tables and sodden pillows
It is in darkness that I see your face
It fades with the morning light
Maybe I’m colour blind

But it gnashes again
And I know it’s there
Waiting patiently, maybe impatient
I wouldn’t know
I will let you crawl again

It is easy to shower affections on creatures
Their love is preserved in jars
Broken, smashed and delicately lost
You will outlive their love
As you will mine

And yet I sit with stricken cloth
Rubbing rubbing rubbing
Do you see me?
Do you see me?
Do you see me now?


  1. you, bring one to a different realm altogether. one where reality seems so distant, you can mourn enough not for whats lost but for whats not lost in that real world one.

    but of course its just me. you just provide a portal.

  2. You never fail to amuse me, you have such an incredible talent, beauteous talent.
    'It fades with the morning light
    Maybe I’m colour blind'

    There are always snippets of your poems popping up in my head at random times.

  3. Makes me immeasurably happy to have touched a chord somewhere :)