Wednesday 3 April 2013

Swans or Plastic Cans?

There were white swans in green grass
And blades of lust
Wings flapped
And I held my breath
They were but plastic cans in dust

Our yellow blooded creatures
Have grown since the winter
What lightly tickled then stings now
And draws more than just yellow blood
I recoil now from what I dearly loved

I shut gates
And doors and closets
And windows
For I may walk in
And find you there

What season is it?
You ask, hoping for spring.
And it is spring, and you are right
But I am the creature
That’ll die by night

See them now
Those plastic cans
For what they are
Not as you do
For what they could’ve been

But why not?
Why not be swans
In blades of lust
Who are they to tell us where we belong?
Let’s hold our breath above water

Who says we can’t live in vacuum?
Who says we need to breathe?
Who says we are swans or plastic cans?
Who says we shouldn’t be?


  1. the picture is beautiful. the wordings yearn to infuse guilt and manage it wonderfully. and the term yellow blooded, that well just confused me.

    1. I have a fascination for a certain type of yellow-blooded insects. We started off on a bad foot with me killing them. Then we grew more tender emotions and I would let them crawl up my finger. Now they've grown big and their pincers have sharpened and trust me, you don't want them crawling all over you anymore.

    2. i wouldn't want anything crawling over me. pincers or not!

      but fascination for insects? whats so interesting about them? i may sound rude, but i ask more out of curiosity than anything else.

    3. It's a strange new fascination I don't quite understand myself. I have no love for creepy crawly creatures, thank you!

    4. I have no love for creepy crawly creatures, thank you! LOL.

      what else do u have a fascination for?

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