Monday 1 July 2013

New Love and Light Rain

The lights that glittered were far away
Raindrops clinging to the railing shone pearly white
Trailed softly down my throat
Blurring the empty space around me
Cornering me in the centrality of my vacuum
Illusory fingers slipping away in the dark
Promising comfort
As the fading echoes bounce back upon themselves
And dissolve.

I want to feel skin when I reach out
I want to see the air cloud under warm breath
I want yellow lights
And a place of our own
Where blankets stay in closets
And summer dresses fly in the breeze
I want the new sun to bless us
Not under gulmohared shadows or stony crags
But on sandy beaches and open seas
I want freshly mown grass to run barefoot on
And curtains that're only drawn with the setting sun
I want new life wrapped around my little finger
And a mischievous twinkle unseen over its head.

New love is for children and I feel old
My daydreams rustle restlessly to unfold
The unspelt impatient to draw ink
To run dry or forever flow.


  1. Nice poetry :)
    Even I have written one on my site..but obviously not worth of any kind of comparison ...
    Following.. :)

  2. The last part, so immensely beautiful. So sad yet perfect.

    1. Thank you, I hope you're doing well.

  3. There's something so beautiful about your words, they touch the heart.