Saturday 22 November 2014

What's In a Name

A sudden nostalgic attachment for a name long despised
As the time comes for the shedding of the same
Shedding with it a past identity, if an identity is ever past
So much or so little? And they say what’s in a name.

Surfaced from some forgotten ancestral shrines of my forefathers
Sounded proudly before men of worth and honour
Castrated by the British to suit their lack of vocabulary
Re-emerging with the drum roll of Bengal’s mutinous power.

Seventeen long letters, the extent of my identity
Lazy drawling alphabets stretched to fill pages and time
Little knowing how they coloured my personality
Simply musing over its rhythm and rhyme.

And now a sudden nostalgic attachment develops
For this name, that was never really mine
Questioning all that came with it
As it slowly loses its shine.

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