Sunday 19 July 2015


In darkness swirl little specks of light
Dim yellow like embers ready to burst  into flames
And yet contain themselves
And float in the empty darkness

Grief only ever touched me from a distance
In the day she watched me from afar
While I watched my world being taken by storm
She watched me quiet and deathly long

And as every storm must come to an end
I watched my world being lightly peppered with ashes
And she watched still while I thought it was over

But the ice had yet to melt, the jabs were still to come
"Do you even remember him?"
And I bled afresh, stung by another broken voice

Finally she walked up to me
Let me curl up in her lap and break
If you can be at peace with grief,  I was

And so in darkness when I watched the little specks of light
It is her I remembered
As I stuck out my hand
Waiting for a little light to settle
For a burning snowflake to touch me now 
And see if I cared

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