Thursday 13 August 2015


The tension of distance explodes in friction 
As two feet learn to dance again
Stumbling, fumbling, hesitant and clumsy 
We try at least to walk again
Chipped nails and speared tongues 
Our voices quiver in uncanny dissonance 
As the familiar is dug out of forgotten crevices 
Of a mind that had long drifted on.

Faced by the stark plurality of worlds 
Mirrors shatter as reflections stain
The strain of reliving every detail, 
Every blemish, every look, every touch, 
Every last word
Is every bit as shattering as is euphoric
And yet stung, battered and bruised 
Our war scars are dearer to us 
Than the smiles appearing with the suddenness of a rainbow, 
Lost before we can be quite sure.

Harmony, accord and treatises of peace 
Can only be black or white we realise 
As we trail blinded by mists of greener dreams and fantasies
The skin we tear at in the name of boundaries 
Is raw and slowly turning a dull shade of soft purple mornings
And we rub our eyes spreading out memories 
In thin films till they can't be told from the blotchy mascara 
That remains somewhere on a finger nail gone unnoticed
And we stretch cracked lips till they primly purse
Drawing blood and not the smiles we sought.

Eyes lowered in remembered chivalry 
We depart 
Lest the bitterness pull us deeper into an embrace
And we walk away 
The whispered silence following us.

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