Tuesday 14 March 2017


Still carefully treading white lines on busy roads
Still catching crumbling pieces of the sky
Still pulling at dry skin, sacrificing meat for that unquenchable thirst
Still peering at faces passing by
Wondering who coloured the right ear red
Still running against the wind
Catching my breath in the rain
Still changing paper for other people's prints
Still smiling at pictures uploaded in an attempt to bandage relationships
And why not, if it works?
For what if it works!
How incredibly wonderful watching things as they fall into place
Painstakingly arranging themselves
Squeezing pieces together that were never meant to fit
But doing it anyway
So you have to cross your knee instead of spreading them in the comfort of unlimited space
So you have to match your undergarments every once in a while
So you have to explain the last donut that disappeared from the fridge
So what?
How wonderful it is to watch my rose arrange her petals
To have my fox see me in strawberry fields and await my return every evening
How extraordinarily wonderful
To have and to hold from this day onward
Well of course you may kiss the bride!

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