Friday 14 December 2012


It comes out in bits and pieces
Nothing definite
Nothing profound
Images from everywhere
And from everywhere else
The lines that form in my head
Are invisible, dead, or both
Break down in nervous clashes
By the time they reach paper
The daring left over fragments
Sit contemptuous
And smirk right back at me
'You thought you could make and break us?'
They seem to say
'We can make, break and remake you.'


  1. symbiosis. words mean nothing if they don't come from the right minds. and minds mean nothing if they cant bring forth the right words. :)

    1. True, it is an idea, that. But there are no wrong minds. Only left of centre. And those are far more interesting :)

    2. if theres right, there is wrong. ofcourse right and wrong are just a perspective. and if integrity etc can define right, it can define wrong.

      but yes the ones worth studying arent exactly right. they are right but have lost their way.