Friday 14 December 2012

Catching Bricks

We build worlds and rules to run those worlds and all we're scared of is that the building blocks might fall someday. But they'll fall anyhow. And we'll be sitting on a pavement holding the last remains of broken bricks. Except there won't be a pavement.


  1. now where did this come from? i totally sense a spicy story!

    1. It is the tip of the iceberg. And there is nothing beneath the sea.

    2. that's a paradox. if the smoke is there, so is the fire :)

    3. Why chase after smoke? It's only either an intellectual puff of creativity that burns its medium or something that chokes.

    4. because the fire is a worthy companion? a worthy ally. and a worthy opponent. because smoke, is the lock that treaded on correctly, opens the chest.

      and anything thats hidden in a chest is a fortune. this way or that.

    5. The chest is beautiful only as long as its treasure remains hidden.

    6. here, i am tempted to say, bullshit.

      what worth is a life unlived? what worth is a love diminished? what worth is a chest unopened!

      whats anything if its simply just put in a museum and not kept on display?

    7. Haha! I meant, the chest itself is beautiful only because of the mystery behind its contents. What's inside may be more beautiful than the chest thus diminishing the beauty of the chest itself. Or what's inside may be hideous and would result in the chest being abandoned irrespective of what it may look like in itself. And I have lost track of why we were having this discussion!

    8. its your head that brought it all up! i just helped along! :P

      i believe we were discugging what ignited thou mind to write the poem. :)

      and as for the chest... chalo choro :D