Friday 15 March 2013

My White Lie

Edged out on blackened stones
I trip over white lines
Stick to it still
Seems like miles
But runs in circles
So I chase my shadows
Across vales
Out of windows
Over drowning sails
I crossed the smudge in the end
The beginning
Or somewhere in the middle
Tapped it with a toe
And tread lightly on
Should I stop somewhere and leave a mark?
Stay long enough to make a start?
Leave a coloured dot
Smudge another part?
Show the world I was here
Been there done that
Silently smirk
And depart?
I stared and stared
And shut an eye
I swear it moved
I bent the line

We move awkwardly now
My pirate eye
My white lie
And I


  1. amusingly random. and maintains that hint of impressivity which makes me write such i wish were part of the english dictionary words.