Thursday 21 March 2013

Sticky Feet

Even now
As my feet fill in the marks of yesterday
The sand covers them
Holding them where they are
The heavenly comfort of stillness
Of having been here before
Keeps me stranded
For a while

Even now
Yesterday seems sepia-tinted
And the colours stand out
Sunflowers more yellow than they really were
Suns blush brighter than before
Petals thrown up in the air
Rain down like in the pictures
For a while

Even now
Swings move to the gentle rhythms
Of our background score
Park benches remain empty
Waiting for those who first claimed them
Or pretended to be the first anyhow
And I linger by the gate
For a while

The sands will shift
Tides will rise
Other feet will fill the marks I left behind
Do not despair if you miss me
Come stand on this spot right here
And you will see me
I am that girl
Building castles on the shore 

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